Setup Files

LiteClient Setup Requirements

If you are new to LiteClient, you may want to check out the documentation for an overview of how the parts fit together.
You can run an example of the below using the LiteClient demo using docker compose.

Installation and Running

It is assumed you will be running your own paymail server (an example is included below) and your own payment server (our PayD example is included below).

Block Headers Client

First you need a block headers client. This is used to verify utxos before payments are accepted. Install and run following the instructions in the Readme:
git clone [email protected]:bitcoin-sv/block-headers-client.git

DPP (Direct Payment Protocol) Proxy

The DPP Proxy is an example implementation of the DPP protocol which interfaces with our PayD example. To install:
git clone [email protected]:libsv/dpp-proxy.git
Follow the instructions in the DPP Proxy github for configuration variables.
We also have a Makefile with commants to test, run etc this service.

Paymail (example)

The Paymail Server is an example implementation of BSVAlias.
git clone [email protected]:libsv/paymail-server.git

PayD (example purposes only)

Clone payd repo:
git clone [email protected]:libsv/payd.git