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You can build the docker file by either running docker build -t headersv . from the root directory, or docker-compose build. Once built, you can run either docker run headersv or docker-compose up.
Note: If you're not using docker compose, you'll also need to expose the port and mount a volume to expose the API and persist state.


To check that your client is serving REST API calls once running, open a browser at http://localhost:8001/api/v1/chain/tips (default port is specified in the docker-compose file.)


The Application has 4 default profiles.
  • bsv-mainet
  • bsv-testnet
  • bsv-stnnet
  • bsv-regtest
Switch between profiles by altering the value in resources/application.yml. Profiles can be amended to alter values such as minPeers and maxPeers.
The profiles represent the networks available to the application.
Note: Docker profiles can also be amended by overriding using environment variables such as those in the docker compose file.