DPP Proxy

The sole purpose of DPP Proxy is to allow desktop wallets to receive incoming payments without needing to expose a web host to the internet from their local machine.
The Proxy sits on the open internet ready to receive incoming payment requests on users' behalf. When such a request comes in, the message is routed to the appropriate client wallet.

Mode: ["hybrid", "http", "socket"]

Usually DPP Proxy is set up in hybrid mode. This means the incoming requests are https, but the client connection is done over secure web socket.
It is possible to configure DPP Proxy as entirely socket or http, which means the transports on both sides of the proxy would be either socket or http endpoints.
Regardless of mode, the messages conform to the DPP standard.
You can see a public example of the DPP Proxy running on testnet with swagger documentation.

Docker Image

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dpp-proxy official docker image

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